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Our uniquely automated computer system makes entering and tracking your ticket a breeze!

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Click the Login/Register tab and create an account in seconds. Check your email to complete account setup and receive a secure password

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Easily submit your parking ticket by entering the 10-digit summons number located on the front of your violation and the 2-digit violation code. If you lost your ticket, you can easily look up your summons number on the city website or contact us below for assistance.

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At Windshield Tickets, alleviating your stress is our top priority. Unless we dismiss your ticket, you wont be charged a dime! A hold for 1/2 the violation amount will be placed on your account and will ONLY be authorized if we beat your ticket at court. You’ve got nothing to lose and all to gain :)

Let us dismiss your ticket

Our experts will fight your parking ticket at court in person. No need to worry about late fees once you submit your ticket. Ticket decisions take from 1-4 weeks. We will keep you posted of progress by email.

By the numbers

Don't believe we are the best, we'll prove it
Did you know that NYC Ticket revenue exceeds CUNY students' tuition by $181 M?

New Yorkers paid more than $565 million for parking tickets last year, a 3.5% spike over the year before. Keep more money in your pockets with Windshield Tickets!

  • How much do I Pay?

    Simple, Transparent, Flat Pricing. Instead of paying the full price of the ticket to the city, Windshield Tickets will collect 1/2 of that amount ONLY IF we are able to dismiss your ticket. Pay us for our RESULTS and not on empty promises.

  • Dismissal rate

    Our experts know how to make your parking tickets vanish into thin air. If we can't get your ticket overturned, no one can.

  • Peace of Mind

    Nothing is more stressful than taking off work to fight a parking ticket you received, thinking you got your ticket dismissed, and reading that guilty verdict. Let us lift that burden off your shoulders and take care of all your NYC Parking Ticket needs from A to Z!

  • What do I have to lose?

    Absolutely Nothing. You can only be a winner. If your ticket is dismissed, you just saved money. In the unfortunate event your ticket is found guilty, you will simply pay the original amount to the city.

Don't pay your NYC Parking Ticket before allowing the experts at Windshield Tickets to fight it!

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