What fees do you charge?

Based on the number of vehicles you have, our fee is a fixed dollar-value percentage of dismissed tickets. We charge ONLY if your ticket is dismissed. NO other fees—ever.

How long does it take to get a hearing?

It takes 2-4 weeks to have a hearing on a ticket depending on the difficulty of fighting it.

How will I know when the hearing has been held on my tickets?

We keep you informed with timely invoices detailing which tickets have been dismissed and which, if any, need to be paid to the city for guilty tickets.

What areas do you service with ticket fighting?

We serve all 5 boroughs in the Metro NY area.

How long have you been in business?

Our experts have over 5 years of immediate industry experience.

Do I have to appear in person for my ticket hearings?

No, you never have to appear. We take care of every aspect of fighting your tickets, and have an in-person hearing on every single ticket on your behalf.

How do you fight tickets?

We fight tickets based on defects. Our brokers are experts in the law and finding defects that exist on most tickets.

What if my plates are out of state?

That’s okay. As long as your tickets are in the 5 boroughs of NY, we can fight them for you.

Are there any tickets you cannot fight?

We fight all kinds of parking tickets except for camera tickets. All tickets have in person hearings, except camera tickets, of which we notify you every two weeks. We do not fight moving violations—parking tickets only.