Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

July 31, 2016

Privacy Policy

Please note that WindshieldTickets.com does collect certain personal information including, but

not limited to, your name, email address, and phone number. This information is collected

primarily to maintain communication with our clients in regard to their NYC Parking Violations

and if need be, to dismiss your violation in court. By using this site, I consent to voluntarily

providing such information and understand that this personal information will never be sold. I

understand that my personal information may be used or shared in, but not limited to, the

following circumstances:

 To comply with court orders, or legal process, or exercise our legal rights to defend

against legal claims.

 We see it necessary to share personal information in order to investigate, prevent, or take

action regarding illegal activities.

 We transfer information about you if we are acquired by or merged with another


Other information such as your selected password and specific payment information cannot be

viewed by WindshieldTickets.com. Payment information is secure using the PayPal platform. It

should be noted that WindshieldTickets.com takes all reasonable cybersecurity measures such as

encryption to safeguard your personal information. If at any time you wish to terminate your

account or request that your information be deleted from our system, please do email

windshieldtickets@gmail.com. By using our services and initially providing such information,

you understand the inherent risk of using online services and that despite all enacted security

precautions, windshieldtickets.com cannot assume responsibility for any consequence as a result

of you providing us any personal information. I understand that windshieldtickets.com will have

the final discretion to grant a user’s request to remove their personal information.

I also understand that by providing information such as email and phone number, I agree to

receive notifications from WindshieldTickets.com regarding violation status and any commercial

correspondence from WindshieldTickets.com in the future, unless a specific written request is

made to windshieldtickets@gmail.com to opt-out of future correspondence after my violation

has received a decision. I understand that windshieldtickets.com will have the final discretion to

grant a user’s request to remove opt-out of future correspondence.


Terms of Use

By submitting a NYC Traffic Violation on our website, I state that I am the registered owner

and/or operator of the vehicle in question. I hereby authorize windshieldtickets.com, its

employees, its fellow associates, and business partners to represent our company/me in court on

all matters concerning the adjudication of parking summonses at the New York City Department

of Finance/ Special Adjudication Unit. I understand that I will be bound by any determinations

made at such hearings that I will not be able to present summonses, etc. for adjudication that has

already been presented by windshieldtickets.com, its employees, its fellow associates, and/or

business partners.

I hereby designate windshieldtickets.com, its employees, its fellow associates, and/or business

partners as my agent to receive all documentation relating to the results of such a hearing.

I also understand that I may terminate this agreement at any time by giving written notice by

certified mail, return receipt requested to:

Special Adjudications Unit 66 John St, 3 rd Floor New York, NY 10038 Attention: CAU Manager

By using the service WindshieldTickets.com provides I completely recognize, understand, and

voluntarily agree that:

 WindshieldTickets.com cannot process any violations that are currently “In Judgment.”

 We cannot process any violations that have had a prior hearing by any party including the


 In the event my violation is dismissed by WindshieldTickets.com, I will be responsible to

pay half the violation amount including penalties that were added onto the violation prior

to the submission of the violation to WindshiedTickets.com. This amount will be

displayed to the client prior to the request of initial payment in the form of a payment

authorization. In the rare event a technical discrepancy with our technological systems

occurs, we will personally contact the client via email or phone to confirm the final price.

If for some reason the client cannot be contacted in regards to their summons,

WindshieldTickets.com has the right to proceed with its standard operating procedure for

received orders and to charge payment based on the methodology detailed above if the

violation is dismissed in court, if the client cannot be reached.

 I recognize that my violation could be found guilty, and that I will have to accept the

responsibility of this court decision. I understand that I cannot reverse the court decision

unless windshieldtickets.com voluntarily decides to file an appeal for a guilty decision,

and eventually wins the appeal, which it has the right to do under its discretion. I

understand that I cannot demand that WindshieldTickets.com conduct an appeal.

 A guilty verdict means that the operator/registrants bear all costs of the associated

violation with the City of New York and that WindshieldTickets.com at no time is

responsible for that violation sum. I understand that payment for a guilty found violation

must be made to the city and not to windshieldtickets.com. Under these circumstances,

WinshieldTickets.com will not collect any payment from the client whatsoever. Payment

to the City of New York can be made at

https://secure24.ipayment.com/NYCPayments/nycbookmark_1.htm and should be made

immediately upon a decision is reached to avoid additional penalties and fines.

 We cannot guarantee a “Not Guilty” verdict.

 WinshieldTickets.com does not provide professional advice and that information

presented on the website is for informational purposes only.

I understand that the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy can be amended at any time without

prior notice and unless specific written correspondence is emailed to

windshieldtickets@gmail.com to cancel an order, I am responsible for adhering to the current

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy of WindshieldTickets.com. Your continued use of the site

indicated your acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. I hereby use this

service at my own risk and free WindshieldTicket.com of any blame or liability whether it be for

fault in contract, a result of negligence or ANY other reason. I also agree to hold blameless and

indemnify WindshieldTickets.com, its employees, owners, service providers, website developers,

contractors, and all/any other associates as a result of not adhering to the current Terms of Use

and current Privacy Policy. I understand that I will not be able to create an account or submit any

violations without agreeing to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy in their entirety with no

amendments. If any provision of this contract shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason

unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from this contract and shall not

affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions. I enter this contract willingly,

understanding all the provisions mentioned above and not under any form of coercion.